Whooff!  I was in a bad mood this morning.  I think it is the weather and feeling kinda stressed about my accounting class.  I try to talk myself down when I get like that, but the results vary depending I suppose on what else is going on in my life.  (My accounting grade at the moment is 92% which is great!)

This hamster is having fun!

This hamster is having fun!

Like right now, I don’t have time to go to the gym.  I can’t do the class and work 40 hours a week and get a workout at the gym.  I plan on starting back at the gym as soon as the quarter is over, and then keeping to a minimum of 3 times a week.  I think that will work out ok.  I’ll feel a lot better when I’ve had good exercise and so that’s my plan.

I have  a lot of projects I have to get done during the break between quarters.  The most important ones are replacing the light in the kitchen – its gotten pretty dark in there since winter arrived and one of the lights went out.  The other critical project is getting the decking installed on my structual base for the deck next to the back door.  I miss being able to go out that door!

That may be all I have time for, but if I can work more in, I’ll clean out a closet in the basement and put shelves in there, so it can be a pantry for extra food.  You know, for when something happens to our food chain delivery system, or the money becomes worthless.  Sorry, that was a veeerrry negative statement.

The hamster is in.

I want to work on my website, do some painting and fix a crossbow, too.  Somehow I don’t think I’ll get all of those done . . . .