I am having a hard time thinking about what to write.  On the way in this morning I was enjoying the view and thought it would be nice to write about that.  I wish I had pictures – maybe I will try to bring my camera tomorrow and stop and take some pics on the way to work.  I live in a town of about 80,000 people, and the county it sits in is about 85,000.  So as soon as you leave town, you are in the countryside. 

If you head east, you end up in the Cascade mountains, Mount Baker and lots of other peaks, with Baker being the biggest.  Very pretty.  It takes your breath away on a clear day when the peak is covered with pure white snow and you turn around and bam! there it is; pure white peak surrounded with pale blue sky and green hills off to the south and north. Awesome!

We are surrounded by small farms and patches of a little more natural nature.  Farms are not nature, they just do not have man-made structures built on them, for the most part.  However, they look like nature and I prefer driving through them to driving through Tacoma-Olympia-Renton-Bellevue-Seattle-Shoreline-Mountlake Terrace-Everett-Marysville, if you get my drift.  You can’t tell where one city stops and the next begins. 

There are too many of us people, people! 

I’ll try some stream-of-conciousness writing:  This morning is very pretty – it looks like the clouds have lifted and it may be sunny today!  Good news, its been pretty dark since the snow we had.  We had a lot of wind one day during the snow “event” and when I finally got a chance to go out in my yard when it was not dark, I found a really big branch had fallen on a cute little tree my neighbor planted between our houses.  That little tree has had a really hard time.  This fir branch was about 30 feet long and at least 4″ in diameter at its thickest.  It was pretty heavy.  I dragged it off the little decorative tree, but it had broken about half the little guy’s branches off, including it’s tallest part.  I don’t know if it

Vine maple

Similar vine maple to the one that got smacked by a Fir tree

will survive with the big exposed portion of its trunk split now.

So, anyways, I did the quiz for chapter 12 (our last chapter) in accounting last night and I did ok.  It’s just 10 questions, but really, some of the quizzes have been difficult to decipher what the hell the writer is asking.  Very badly worded questions that can be taken several ways, and so you try to guess what it is they want to know.  I had one quiz where i only got 6 points out of a possible 15.  Yuck! You don’t do well on tests like that.  I’ve done ok in this class, so far my grade is 92%. 

Well, I gotta go, remember to enjoy nature, and take care of it.

Hamster musings