So, I remembered to bring my camera to work today, and stopped at a few places took some pics.  It’s cloudy/foggy today, so it isn’t showing at its best.  If the sun were out, I could show you some spectacular pics of Mount Baker and the Cascades, but that will have to be for another day.

Road to the office

This is the road to the office

Ok, my damn wordpress blog thingy is putting my text under the picture as a caption, AFTER I have closed the link thing for the photo.  This is the 3rd time this has happened, and I am getting pissed.  So I have to re-do everything I did after inserting the picture on the left.  This is putting me in a bad mood, people.
Ok, I’ll put another pic on here, lets see how it goes:
Road to office

Road to office

So, it’s looking pretty good, just checked the preview. 
It looks like the sun is coming out, so the fog is burning off and there apparently wasn’t much of a cloud cover above the fog.  Cool. 
Well, now you can see what I like about living here.  I much prefer looking at trees, meadows and views of the mountains to walls of houses (yes, even though I live in one) and tall glass and steel buildings.  Sorry, I just don’t care for the concrete and steel habitat.
This morning there was a cute little squirrel running around getting his/her breakfast outside the office.  I like that. 
Ok, I’m still having trouble with WordPress.  I tried to upload another photo and it just locked up.  Anyone else in WordPress hell?  I quit for now.  It’s also only accepting some of my updates/edits.  It is not letting me add spaces between my paragraphs, so my article looks crappy. I’ve tried 3 times to add spaces and it is not accepting them.  This also happened yesterday.  I’m really getting pissed.
Nature hamster