I wish I could accomplish something as spectacular (to me) as the installation of the flourescent light that I did last weekend.  I would have that feeling of accomplishment every day! Such is not the case however . . .

Last night after work I stood in line at the Post Office for about 25 minutes to mail a package to my son overseas.  It contained a document that he needed right away, if I can use that phrase when describing christmas time postal delivery. 

Interminable line

Just get mellow in your head and zone out when in a line like this

 In any case, things won’t get back to normal until January, 3 weeks off, so I thought I’d better make the sacrifice and go stand in line for my son!  Yeah, yeah, I know there are much greater sacrifices others have done, blah,  blah, blah.

Been there, done that.  You think raising two boys by myself while putting myself through engineering school was a walk in the park?  Think again.

So anyways, we had a pretty cool storm this morning while I was on my way to work.  It was still dark out, and the rain, which had been coming down at a pretty good clip, sped up and simultaneously turned to hail. 

Hail storm aftermath

Hail storm aftermath

Of course at just that time, my defrosters decided they didn’t need to work all that much, and the clean rag I keep in my car for just such unanticipated emergencies was at home in the laundry basket having been used to clean up some spilled coffee the other day . . .

So I was driving down the road at 45 mph (yes, that is the speed limit), and trying to spot my turn off through the driving rain/hail and the flashes of lightning and oncoming car lights and my foggy windows. 

I thought I could see it, and I did definitely see the street sign, but out here in the county I forgot they put the damn signs about a city block before you actually come to the road the sign is identifying.

So, I slow and start to turn, and then I think, ahhhh, I’d better roll down my window to check  . . . and sure enough, if I’d turned there I would have gone into a 6 foot deep county ditch full of water, not the nice road I was expecting! 

Whooowww!  Glad I rolled the damn window down!  Got a little wet, but it was worth it. 

Hamster time.