Do not make me laugh

No Clowns

Oh, this is really irritating. How would I know what my laugh sounds like? I would have to hear it on a recorder, and the ones I've heard me on in the past were really inexpensive and didn't reproduce my voice the way it really sounds, or so I was told by others. I have heard my speaking voice on a crappy recorder and it made me not want to open my mouth again for a week. I sincerely hope my laugh and my speaking voice sound better to others than they do to me. The only place I consistently hear myself is my answering machine recording. That sounds ok. I don't laugh on it though. Maybe I should . . . or maybe that would just creep people out who called. I had an aunt who had an awful laugh that was painful to hear. Extremely loud and braying. I wonder if a person can change the way they laugh . . . I always thought you couldn't, but I never asked anyone who knows.

Well, that is all I can think of about the sound of my and anyone else's laugh . . .

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