I love this picture!  If only I could live in a country cabin with a wood stove and food stored up for the winter.  I’d only have to go to town when I felt like it for luxury items or to see a movie, or just to be around more people.  That would be so cool.  It also implies I wouldn’t have to go to work  . . . I haven’t figured out how I could do that.

Anyway, it sure beats freezing your ass off in one of those 24 hour traffic camp-outs caused by the white-out’s, like in Ontario and a few of the places south of the Great Lakes. 

So, anyway, back to my reality, it doesn’t snow much around here, unless you go up in the mountains; they get a LOT of snow.  What falls as rain down here, falls as snow on Baker and the Cascades and it sets some records for total snowfall in a year. 

Well the sun is out today – thats refreshing.  It also means its colder, but only down to 32 F this morning, and it will get up to 40 or so later in the day. That’s cold, but I can’t complain when I see what other parts of the country are putting up with.  Of course 40 degrees (F) and rain is harder to deal with than 25 degrees and dry snow. 

Whatever, thats my comments on the weather.  I’m glad I don’t have to drive in the snow much, its hard with all the crappy overconfident drivers out there.  Makes you total up the difference between your deductible on your collision insurance and where the insurance kicks in.  With my ancient cars I kinda am left out on that one.  By the time the $1,000 deductible kicks in, my car is only worth $750 blue book, so what do I get? Buttkiss I guess.  You gotta be born rich to make it in this world.