So, anyways, last weekend had its highs and lows.  I must say it ended on a high note. I’ll go into that first and then maybe get into the lows.  Last Monday I got into my little ol’ Escort wagon and tried to start it – but I couldn’t get it to even turn over.  It felt like the key wasn’t going in all the way, although I wasn’t sure.  I know the key wouldn’t rotate at all in the ignition/starter thingy.   

I remember thinking, well, its been a long time coming.  I’ve been spending kinda more than I wanted to on this car, repairing things that have quit working, and I decided it was time to stop the gravy train for this car, even though I have grown rather attached to it.  It has been reliable, it is a great little workhorse, I have always been amazed at how much stuff I can cram into it. 

Well, the good thing happened last night.  My friends brother who is good a fixing all kinds of things, came over.  He sat in the drivers seat and I handed him the keys.  He tried it, same result I got.  However he thought for about a minute, pulled the key out and took a long look at it, and asked me if I had another key.  So I ran off and got another one.  They looked the same to me – pretty worn as you can imagine – 15 years of wear and tear on the keys.  I don’t lose keys, so its the origional key. 

Guess what? He tried the second key I brought him and the car started right up!  He said keys wear off their “points” and aren’t capable of operating the lock anymore.  I have owned many old cars before and never heard of that before!  Never had it happen!  It was so cool though. Talk about an easy fix.  Just needed a new key!

Ok, that’s the good stuff.  The deck  . . . . now, that went not so well.  It turns out that the screws that you have to use on these decks (stainless steel), are really long , I’d say at least 2″, maybe longer.  They have a really poor design flaw which kept screwing us up (excuse the pun), of these stupid star shaped insets on the heads for the drill/screw bit to attached to.  My friend and I were trying to screw the damn screws in and the first problem was they were so long it was impossible to hold them steady while we got them started.  Once started, they tended to bind up after getting about 2/3 of the way embeded into the decking and the joists and then we could not get them to go all the way in.  We would try and what would happen is the star shaped screw head insets would ream out and become round and then we’d be left with a damn screw sticking 1/3 of its length out of the deck and no way to get it in or out. 

I like this "who to blame when things go wrong list!"

I like this "who to blame when things go wrong list!"

My friends brother came over (too late to get more than a couple of boards on the deck) and showed us how to deal with it.  It looks like what it takes is a fucking lot of finesse with the drill and at least 10 spare bits, but we should be able to do it now.


hamster time

Actually, as as I’m concerned, you can blame Bush for pretty much anything.  If he’s not responsible, he would have been if he’d been there.