My sometimes operating car
The cause of my stress lately

If anyone reading this post lives in America, they know that 90% of us cannot get to work or buy groceries without a car, thanks to the wonderful way our cities are set up and the incredible lack of public transportation. 

So, when your car has become unreliable, it can cost you dinner at the least, or your job, at the worst.  Well, the worst is getting killed on the side of the highway trying to change a tire or fix something under the hood when some idiot on a cell phone miscalculates (if they even can add and subtract) and comes too close to your unprotected ass outside of your metal amor.
So, my 15 year old Ford Escort, which I like a lot, due partially to the fact that I own it and do not owe any money on it, would not start. I talked about this some earlier in the week, so I won’t go on and on about it.  It turned out to be the key.  I guess there is some good in being one of those people who lose things all the time.  If I were one of those, I never lose keys, I would have made several new keys over the years, and hence what happened to me this week would never have occurred. 
My key(s), both of them, actually became so worn that they would not turn the ignition over.  One wouldn’t even go all the way in the little slot for the key.  They opened the doors, which I suppose only added to my confusion.  If they would not unlock the doors, it would be obvious there was something wrong with the keys.  But they work in the doors, but not in the ignition. 
Ok, I gotta go, things are getting busy around here. 
Have a good holiday, and if things are tight for you, as they are for me, think like the old days, before electricity, before highways, before indoor plumbing.  Our ancestors made it and we can too.  I know this is not the same – but we are creative and ingenious, at least some of us are! 
The hamster cares