I grew up in a pretty large city – Seattle.  Ever since I was a kid they said the population there is a little above 500,000.  Even today they still give something around that number for the city population.  The truth though, is that everything around Seattle for 40 or 50 miles has grown into one great metropolis.  I believe the last time I checked the population of the Seattle AREA is 1.5 million, which you mght as well say is Seattle’s population, no offense to the numerous “cities” that surround Seattle. 

My point is, I have moved to a much smaller density county and a much smaller city, way north of Seattle and King County.  Some people (not me) think that translates into less crime.  I guess one way of looking at it is, yes, the total crime will be less, because there are less people to commit crimes, but I always have believed that the percentage of crimes per population remains about the same.

Case in point: 

Yesterday, when I got up (I get up pretty early) there were 5 cop cars and a fire engine parked on my street, with a guy with a flashlight running up and down the street.  Now I used to live in a very high crime neighborhood in south Seattle, and I’m pretty familiar with the cop cars screaming into a neighborhood and the cops spilling out with shotguns and surrounding a house.  This seemed a little more low key, maybe they try to tone it down for the middle class suburban type neighborhoods, but it felt the same. 

Death two doors down
Murder on my street
I couldn’t figure out what the heck they were doing though, and wondered if there would be anything on the news about it.  Well, guess what? 
A young man killed his father and stabbed his mom and a niece yesterday, and all a couple of houses from me. 
The Bellingham Herald has a story about it – if you are interested in the details.  Another mentally disturbed young man flipped, they say no one knows why (if you can believe that tired old line), and turned on his family. 

Yikes, I feel sorry for the family.  I think there are creepy people living across Britton road, they live in makeshift dwellings that are old travel trailers and those camper things that go on the back of pickup trucks, but as far as I know they haven’t hurt anyone.  This young man killed –  and he lived in a nice house.  There is a lesson there somewhere, I’m not sure what it is . . . Don’t trust anyone?  Poverty doesn’t mean you’r a criminal?   I don’t know.

The hamster is still here, so far . . .