Ok, in my part of the country, a really bad winter gets us a few weeks of temperatures in the teens and 20’s (Farenheight), and a week or two of snow (never more than 12″).  We don’t have hurricanes, we don’t have tornadoes, and we don’t have blizzards.  If you are feeling irritated at our good fortune, I’ll let you in a  pretty well k nown secret: a great many people cannot handle our grey skies and drizzle.  I guess the biggest “problem” with our weather is, it is boring and kinda monotonous.  Not monotonous like sunny skies 300 days out of the year, monotonous like overcast, dark skies and drizzly rain 300 days out of the year. 

Now for me, I like this.  But then, I’m not normal.  What I’m writing about today is the extreme weather so much of the country is getting.  The non-believers in global warming (ie – climate change) caused by man think it will pass, as they think it is part of a weather pattern, with decades long patterns of colder, warmer, wetter, drier, etc., whatever.  Obviously, as you will see, I’m not one of the climate change deniers.

Obviously, not Mayor Bloomberg's street

Obviously, not Mayor Bloomberg's street

On the website, “Common Dreams.org”  David Sorota wrote an article on this topic “A Snowy Glimpse of America’s Future”.  He starts off with “Welcome to the new normal.”  A great opening sentence.  It seems that the combination of America turning into a Plutacracy along with global warming are creating a perfect storm that is screwing the non-wealthy first.  Climate change will effect all living things in time.  It’s just that the wealthy can hoard public services and live in the best locations to put off having to deal with it until “later”.  Whenever nature comes screaming at their doors with a flood, tornado, hurricane or snowstorm of epic proportions, then they will deal with it, if they can. Good times, good times.

Extreme weather

New York 100-year Blizzard

New York Citie’s Mayour Bloomberg cut the city budget, laying off the workers who would have been there to clear the streets. Thanks a lot, that’s taking care of the city.

So I recommend that you look up and read Sirota’s article and I leave you with these words from it:

“We all know that American politics is dominated by money. The U.S. Senate is a millionair’s club, and the politicians who aren’t personally rich are typically bankrolled by corporate interests. Billionaire Mayour Bloomberg personifies this plotocratic order – and his declaration that “the city is going fine” during the blizzard because “Broadway shows were full” demonstarates what plutocracy means in practice. It means that when an emergency does not hurt the Bloombergs of the world, our government does not see any emergency at all.”

“Yes, as long as the Bloomberg’s streets are plowed (as the mayor’s was), as long as the all-important rich are enjoying their theater engagements, the plutocrats think everything is A-OK. They don’t care that, say, an outer-borough newborn died becasue EMTs couldn’t get to the baby’s home for nine hours. They don’t care that another outer-borough woman had to wait 30 hours for an ambulance after breaking her ankle. And those plutocrats certainly aren’t about to change the conservative economic policies that help make these crises so horrific for the non-rich.”

Can anyone say “Solar Energy”?  Hmmmm . ..  .

The Hamster likes this quote: “Insanity is my only means of relaxation” – don’t know the author.