So, yesterday I was still wrestling with whether it was wise to continue with my online accounting classes or if it was smarter to give it up for now.  I love the classes, and I really love learning.  However, I’ll list some of the things that are going on for me right now, and you will see why I had to make the decision to give it up for now.

I always have my 86 (87 – birthday this week) year old mom on one day of the weekend, usually Saturday. 

I have a low-paying but nevertheless full time job of 40 hours a week.  If I must repeat myself, this takes up 40 hours plus travel time, thus leaving less time for classes. 

I have a 15 year old car, which I have written about here, that is starting to spend so much time in the repair shop I think the car has a “thing” for the mechanic.  If you have ever had an old car you know the drill (which I just went through this week, again) – the car is having a problem, like NOT STARTING, and so you take it to the shop. They keep it for two days and you go pick it up.  You drive off and half way home realize something is definitely wrong.  So the next day you take it back and ask them to fix the new thing that isn’t working, or finish what they worked on already.  So they do, and this eats up another day at the least. 

Then there is my house.  I am still working on the deck – I’m running into problems with installing the Trex decking – the screws sometimes go partway in and will not go all the way in.  So there you are, with a screw sticking up out of the deck.  So I put the drill on reverse, but instead of pulling the screw out of the board, it lifts the board up, so now I have a couple of boards with “humps” in them, and I haven’t figured out how to fix them.  I have other home projects that I need to be working on soon, and since I CAN’T GET A FRIGGIN’ ENGINEERING job anymore, I have to do them myself.  Not that I know how, so there is a big learning curve – this takes TIME, that which classes do not leave any of.

Also, there is my need to exercise and work out at the gym.  If you think this is frivoluous, then you must be part of the 75% of Americans who are overweight and incapable of walking a mile. Enough said.

Then, last but not least, is my health.  In trying to avoid getting diabetes type II, I have been going to a naturopath (I started with a regular MD, but that didn’t work out), and it seems that my dietary changes have screwed up other chemicals, or whatever they check for when they do those blood tests.  Now I’m really tired, and I mean REALLY tired, and there are more adjustments we need to make to my diet. This takes time, eating special foods and eating them at certain times.  Time, time, time. 

Washington's rain forests

Washington's rain forests - the perfect place to dream

If I could only get my hands around the neck of the next person who I hear say “You always have enough time, you just have to choose to do  . . . whatever, workout, eat right, whatever.”  People who have no clue say this. 

Ok, there is my blog for the day.  Happy now?

The hamster is thinking about removing herself from reality for a few hours – no I don’t mean drugs or booze, just daydreaming that none of this is happening. . . .