Am I stressed out? Not too much . . . at the moment

Pensando… / Thinking…

Well I have to say yes, but with qualifications. I was trying to do too much – not that I didn't need to do everything I was attempting to do. That is the dilema. When there are more things you absolutely have to do, and yet is impossible for you to do them all, what do you do?

I have been in this position before, so I have experience. It's kind of like being in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. There are 6 of you and you are running out of food and water, but you might make it to be rescued, if one or two of you jumps overboard. What do you do? Well, this is not that dire, but it feels like it when you are in it. And I am always terribly concerned about making the right decision.

The problem is, in this situation, you don't know the future and so you don't know what is the right decision. If I quit the classes, will I be laid off in a year and not be able to get another job? Will my side business of selling phone and internet services provide an income that I could live off of if I had to, a year from now?

I had to quit my accounting classes, which were taking too much time and that caused a LOT of stress. I enjoy learning, and I feel that I need to learn new skills to survive in this economy. Plus no one is hiring people over 60 (I'm just 60).

You all give such short answers, and I ramble on – but to me, the answers to almost any question are multi-faceted and deserve more than a "Yes!" or "No" answer.


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