Halia on the run

Halia on the run

This is my grand daughter running through the park.  She is always running!  We had a great visit from my son and granddaughter.  The occasion gave us an opportunity to have a big family potluck (even though our family is not so big). 

Play ground at the park

Play equipment at the park

My sons joined the Navy and the Marines.  I was opposed to them choosing these paths, but when your kids are grown you can no longer coerce them to follow your own path; they will choose their own. 
Sometimes I guess that is good, and sometimes is not so good.  We are now living what ML King spoke about for the future, since we never did “fix” what is wrong with our society.  Sorry.
I have been listening to Martin Luther King Jr’s anti-Vietnam war speech, from 1967.  You should check it out, Democracy Now has excerpts from the speech. 
Some of his comments were prophetic, especially when he stated that if we did not fix what is wrong with American society then we would be marching and protesting against wars without end. 
Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr

Think about it.

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