Well . . . . I was given this word to write about.  Where have I witnessed bravery?  I haven’t really.  Not in the sense that most people seem to think of the word.  I haven’t seen anyone pulled from a fire or rescued from a flood.  I have not seen anyone saved from a mugger or even from a bully.

Where have I seen courage and bravery?  Every day from thousands of single moms, as I was when I was raising my sons.  Every day it took courage to just get through all that I had to do.  Dealing with doctors who said my son wasn’t sick when he was.  They didn’t want to put the effort into actually diagnosing him, it was much easier to see a single mom on welfare and just assume I wasn’t very smart and my kids were upset “because I was upset”. 

Every day took courage to deal with beauracracy to ensure my kids would get medical care while I was putting myself through college.  Why college?  Because I only had a high school diploma and no way to earn enough to support 3 people on something above the poverty level. 

Changing myself, my very personality, so that I could be a good parent to my kids. 

Single mom?

Single mom?

Single mom’s have a tough road to travel, and the good ones work harder than anyone I know, and make more sacrifices for their kids than you can ever know, unless you are a single mom. 

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