Ok, well, you can see I’m reaching for an idea to write on today . . .

Here ya go, money money money

Here ya go, money money money

I suppose I will have to be a bit sarcastic, as that is the way I feel about money (which is inevitably tied to what we have to do to get that money).  So, as you may know, I WAS an engineer with good pay, until the economy went in the toilet and in addition, I became old enough that the blood-sucking health “insurance” companies charge my boss $600 a month just to insure me, although I am perfectly healthy, thanks.

So, I work at a low-pay job and am lucky to have it.  That said, what do I spend my money on?

Property taxes (I was paying $1275/month for mortgage payments, but my family stepped in and helped me with this.  Yes, I’m f’ing lucky on that score; if they hadn’t helped me I don’t know where I would be “living”.  Under a bridge maybe.

  • Gas for the car.
  • Car repairs (my car is 15 years old). 
  • Dentist.  I do have crappy teeth – even though I have been going to the dentist every 6 months for 58 years now.  They never were any good; it is only due to modern dentistry and many thousands of dollars that I have teeth. 
  • Food.
  • Water (It cost’s a freakin’ $75 dollars a month for water here; and it rains all the effing’ time! And no, I don’t water my yard, ever.  And I take 5 minute showers, and don’t use my dishwasher.)
  • Gas and electricity.
  • Cell phone, home phone: I have considered getting rid of my home phone, but the cell reception at my house is very poor, so have kept the house phone.
  • Home repairs; like my deck, my water line to my house which broke last summer and the necessary painting.  New roof. Stuff like that.  No, not a new kitchen or remodeled bathroom or furniture.
  • Cat food and kitty litter for 2 cats.
  • Books (used)
  • On rare occassions I buy clothes on sale or used items at Goodwill.
  • Internet access.

Ok, that is enough.  I’m not going to say EVERYTHING I do.  So there.