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AT&T VideoPhone

I'm not sure if it is good or bad. I think maybe a little of both. I believe the best interaction is face-to-face, but connecting with your grown kids and your grand children, who may live across the world or on "the other coast" via email, skype, or like myself via videophone, is a good thing! I know I missed being able to see them regularly and I wanted to see their faces and talk to them.

My internet video/voice thing never worked properly and so when I found out there is now a video phone out, I got one and sent one to my son. It's so easy and I can watch my granddaughter grow up daily, without the hassle of dealing with my cranky computer interface problems. Check out the videophone info at:

The picture shows an AT&T videophone – the one I use has a much larger screen, about 3 times larger. I'll have to take a picture of it so I can brag how great it is.

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