Fish die-off in Texas

Fish die-off in Texas

Ok, I can’t ignore the massive bird, fish die off’s around the world lately.  I feel like I’m in one of those movies where a horrible murder has just occurred and the cops are pushing onlookers back, saying “There’s nothing to see here, move along.” 

Blackbird deaths unexplained

Blackbird deaths unexplained in Beebe, Arkansas

Really, are all these sudden bird and fish deaths unrelated and normal events?  Are we just aware of them because we have instant communication technology, whereas in the past we just wouldn’t have heard of them?  Excuse me, but I’m skeptical. 

 There is an excellent article I just read that lists the possible causes and the official excuses.  It is on

He brings up the “normal” theory with this comment: “Are mass die-offs of animals normal?  Yes and no.  If you’re going to hinge your conclusions on the data available, then look at that data and see if there are similar patterns aside from the fact that animals “can and do die en masse” at times, which they do.”

“How common is it for hundreds or even thousands of birds to fall from the sky and not be found to have died from poisoning or some form of viral or bacterial infection?”

“The answer to that is this: In the past two years that has never happened, based on the data from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.”

Black bird deaths in Arkansas

Black bird deaths in Arkansas

“Three thousand Purple Gallinule and American Coots died between February and April of last year – from Avian cholera. Not from some mysterious mid-air collision with nothing, causing them to plummet to their deaths.”

“Going through the USGS lists of each quarter from 2009 and 2010, looking for a pattern of what could be considered normal (at least in recent years), it seems quite clear that the die-offs that have occurred in the past few weeks are not quite as normal as they’re trying to make them out to be . . .”

“So, although mass die-offs are indeed normal, mass die-offs without a toxic, viral or bacterial cause are not normal.”

He brings out that part of what makes these die-offs abnormal is the much larger number of die-offs occuring:

  • 2 million fish in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Between 10,000 and 20,000 gizzard shad in Lake Meredith, Texas
  • 20 tons of carp and red tilapia in Vetnam
  • 100 tons of fish (mostly sardines) in Brazil
  • 40,000 crabs in the UK

I respect the author’s avoidance of proposing his own theory for these increasingly abnormal bird and fish die-offs.  I suspect there is more than one cause.  I also do not believe they are “natural” events.  Some yes; all of them, no.  I can think of many more possible causes, but some of my ideas are probably in the conspiracy theories corner, and I won’t go there.

We are damaging the earth, and all living things are paying the price; including, unfortunately, humankind.

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