As anyone who has read this blog knows (and hardly anyone has read this blog, so hardly anyone knows what I’m about to say), I’m a mechanical engineer who is way over 50, and way under 70, which basically makes me unemployable, apparently.  I guess employers haven’t read the news articles screaming the “news” that us baby boomers won’t be able to ever retire, so we will be working until we drop.

They assume I will retire in a few years and therefore do not want to hire me, that is, if there is anyone building anything out there – I do CAD and design HVAC and plumbing for buildings. 

So, anyways, I’m working in an office doing mostly clerical work.  Thank god I learned to spell correctly, as many engineers seem not to be able to do.  Oh, back to the point of this article.

In order to survive financially and hopefully even “retire” or at least cut down to part time work, I have taken on outside work.  It is not tied to construction, so it may actually work for me, no matter what happens to the economy. 

Everyone who still has a place to live with 4 walls and a roof needs heat, natural gas, a phone of some kind, and most seem not to be able to live without cable TV and internet.  The company that sells the video phone also provides all the services listed above.  If one is a representative for this company, one can earn income from getting a small percentage paid to the rep each time the customer pays their bills.  Even so, the services are provided at a lower cost than one pays through the usual utilities providers.

Everyone is using cell phones

Everyone is using cell phones

I gave up TV and go with just internet, so some of us have had it with banal TV. If you are old enough you remember that the purpose of all those commercials was to pay for the TV shows.  Now we still have the commercials, but we are also paying, big time, for the shows.  What is up with that?

So, back to my “extra” income stream.  I put an article about my cool video phone here a few days ago.  I signed up as a rep for the company that sells the phone and the services for it .  I am getting my internet and the video phone for less than I am currently paying for internet plus my home phone.  Just to let you know, like many people, the cell phone service at my house is very poor – so I have to have both cell and home phone. 

I am sending one of these phones to each of my sons, who live thousands of miles away from me.  I want to be able to see my sons regularly, and my granddaughter!  We never were able to get the video and audio programs working properly on all our computers, and this is much simpler to do anyway.  All we have to do is dial (excuse me, I’m showing my age), I mean punch in the phone numbers and when they pick up on the other end, there they are!

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Thats all for now!