I can't live without my teddy bear

I can't live without my teddy bear

Well, ok.  It is confession time.  People (I suspect usually men) sometimes come up with the urge to confess dark sins, or not-so-dark things they love to do, even though they suspect their secret passion is not compatible with their beliefs.  Ok, I’m sure the english majors would have a field day with that run-on sentence.  Whew!

Anyways, many of us women (but not all – remember women are not clones of each other, we are just people, guys) LOVE our fuzzy, soft teddy bears.  Yes, even married women.  So forget the idea that these little fuzzballs are substitutes for you-know-what. 

teddy bear with pumpkin hat

Teddy bear with pumpkin hat

I have done considerable research online on this topic.  The scuttlebut seems to be leaning toward the mothering “instinct” (again, not all women like teddy bears, I have a friend who can’t stand them – what’s up with that? And not all women have a desire to be mothers.  And don’t get me started on the topic of men who assume that all women have “instincts” for female type activities.)

I LOVED teddy bears when I was kid – I had a whole collection.  The collection thing was mostly because once a teddy bear came into my possession, I could not bear to throw it out, knowing it would end up soggy in a city dump or mauled by a recalcitrant child.

I finally “cut the umbilical cord” and got up the nerve, just a few years ago (and I’m 60) to pass off most of my collection to the local Goodwill store.  I had been toting these fuzzy guys (gals?) around for about 40 years, from apartment to apartment, and I never had the room to display or store them properly.  I still feel guilty about handing them off, not knowing their eventual fate.  What is up with that? 

Ok, I’m going to give you the list of reasons why grown women love teddy bears, culled from my exhaustive internet research and listed in the order of most given reasons to least given reason:

  • Because they are cute and cuddly
  • Motherly instinct
  • Reminds us of childhood
  • Looks so sweet and inocent
  • Cheery
  • “I don’t know”
  • Nice to sleep with
  • and my personal fav: “Soft like a puppy but doesn’t poop on the floor.” 
Would you trust this kid with your fav teddy bear?
Would you trust this kid with your fav teddy bear?

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