Hey, the friggin’ sun came out yesterday!  It was awesome.  I ran out and worked on my deck – shoot!  I forgot to take pictures!  I was so excited about getting out my circular saw (for the first time), and while learning how to use the saw, cut the overhanging 18″ long ends off the Trex decking. 

Trex decking before trimming the ends

Trex deck - the ends next to ladder were cut off yesterday!

I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures! I am so upset over this.  I blame the sun coming out that made me forget.  It has been raining here for about 3 weeks continuously.

On Sunday I got out the circular saw which I inherited from my dad, and learned how to use it simultaneously with trimming the ends off the overhanging Trex deck boards.  And yes, I still have my fingers and did not hurt myself.  I did find out I have to be careful about letting the saw blade stop rotating before removing the saw from the cutting surface. 

I didn’t do this one time and I apparently let the saw blade touch the decking.  It tried to “walk” back into my leg.  That would have been very bad; I had visions of blood spurting everywhere for a few seconds there.  Fortunately the blade didn’t have much “oomph” left at that point and it bit into the decking slightly, which stopped the blade rotation.  Lesson learned! The only damage was to the deck – a small knick in the end of one of the boards.

Circular saw, similar to mine, but much newer!

Circular saw, similar to mine, but much newer!

Anyway, it was a great sense of accomplishment, and it looks great!  The next projects are building the small deck and putting up the railings!  Will update the blog as the work progresses!

Hardhat hamster