So, I’ve been watching way too much TV, which you might think is hard to do if I don’t recieve any TV signals over an antennae or cable.  I seem to have managed to do it, nonetheless, thanks to modern technology.  I was hoping that not having any way of receiving TV shows would reduce the amount of time spent in front of the idiot box, but  . . . .

So what I realize I have done is play DVD’s and VHS tapes on my TV way too much.  I get these from numerous sources.  I rent from netflix and from my local rental store, and I found that I can buy VHS tapes from the Goodwill store (if you don’t know, it is a chain store that handles used clothing and pretty much everything else donated to them). 

The VHS tapes from Goodwill are only a dollar, so what I do is buy them, watch them and then return them.  It may sound odd, but it works for me, and is way cheaper than renting from netflix or the rental store, which charge around $4.00 per movie. 

The brain destroyer

The brain destroyer

The issue has become sitting in front of the boob tube and watching for too much of my time.  One reason I do this is I have spent the last 28 years running my behind off, putting myself through engineering school, raising two boys by myself and working jobs that had a lot of overtime. 

Now that the economy and modern American society have thrown me on the dust heap as an unemployable 60 year old, I’ve lost my motivation to work hard at anything. It seems that I could have sat on my ass all those years and would I be in a different place than I am in now?

All right, all you Pollyanna types, yes I know, I am a different person than I would have been.  And true, that is important to me.  Nevertheless, my desire to work hard to achieve anything, I find, is gone. 

Hence, my sitting for hours watching movies, after coming home from my semi-menial job as an office manager.  To be truthful, I can’t continue this anymore than I could sit on my behind those years when I was receiving public assistance and putting myself through college.  

Sorry to disappoint the conservatives and libertarians out there, but when I was on public assistance I worked harder than anyone I know.  As one person once told me, what I did was “not difficult,  it was impossible.”  And yet, I did it because I could not have self-respect if I didn’t make myself a professional, and someone my kids could look up to.

Woman bow hunter

Woman bow hunter

So, back to excessive TV watching in present time.  Tonight I’m taking up archery; I have a recurve bow and I’m taking my first class tonight!  Cool.  I’m even considering taking up hunting.  Just thinking about it right now; we’ll see how it goes.

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