Ok, I try to keep the tone light on this blog, but sometimes events are too compelling to push to the side any longer.  Are any Americans out there aware of what is going on in Egypt?  For a week now there has been a popular uprising against a brutal dictator, Mubarak.  Check out Democracy Now!

Peaceful protestors - this is who Mubarak attacks

Peaceful protestors

The people of Egypt have gathered in hundreds of thousands in Tahrir square in Cairo.  For a week now they have been peaceful, even cleaning up the area and recycling garbage.  Children and old ones have participated. 

When Mubarak opened the jails and let out dangerous criminals in hopes of intimidating the populace and getting people off the streets, the people organized neighborhood watches and kept their homes and people safe, protecting their homes with baseball bats and sticks.

When Mubarak shut off their means of communication, the internet and cell phones, they managed to continue organizing. Today Mubark has sent hired thugs into Tahrir square to beat and shoot the people in the anti-Mubarak popular uprising.  Hundreds have been injured, some have been killed.  The government has gone after human rights organizations, journalists and lawyers in the country that work to help people. 

The peaceful, popular uprising in Egypt must have been terrifying to the corporate CEO’s who actually run the governments of the world.  The people of Egypt are not armed and they are easy to attack with guns. 

Mubarak sends attackers into Tahrir square

Mubarak sends attackers into Tahrir square

As this plays out on the other side of the world am I the only one who wonders what the meaning is for us?

Just wondering.