Red Carnation
Red Carnation

It’s Valentines Day; are you excited?   If you are, that means you have a significant other who will a) shower you with chocolates and flowers, b) smother you with hugs and kisses, or c) take you out for a romantic dinner to a snazzy restaurant.

If you are not thrilled about this day, you might be interested in my laboriously compiled list of how people feel about Valentines Day.

  1. It’s all about commercialization
  2. It’s all about sharing love
  3. This is the worst day of all because “me and my girl are fighting”
  4. I hate Valentines Day, it is an annual reminder of rejection and loneliness.
  5. I love this day because all the candy is marked down the next day (here’s someone who has their priorities strait).
  6. Its an opportunity for single people to go out and have fun
  7. Its just another day to me; it reminds me of spring time and growth and fuzzy little animals and flowers starting to grow and bloom . . .

Someone once told me that if I wanted to develop a certain trait or quality in myself that I should “fake it until I make it”.  I think those are wise words.  If we want to be in love, we can love ourselves, love our friends, and just enjoy life.  If a partner comes along that we are compatible with, thats great.  If not, thats ok too. 

My observation has been that it doesn’t happen all that often.  Just enjoying life works too.  We are brought up in our over-commercialized world to think that things have to be perfect.  They rarely ever are, and if we keep seeking the perfect relationship, most of us are doomed to a lot of disapointment.  I’m not saying to put up with a jerk, but find the balance that works for you in life and go out and do the things you like.  Don’t put it off until you have the perfect person to do it with.