Jab yourself with this every day!

Jab yourself with this every day!

 I’m just a 60 year old working hard to keep from getting diabetes type II.  I had really poor eating habits from youth on, and believe me, it is hard to change eating habits.  That would partially explain the explosion of diabetes type II in people my age. 

However, I have to confess something – I would binge eat when a teenager, and then go for 4 days without eating.  That took a lot of concentration and mental exercise!  So, I figured that if I could do that, I could stop eating sugar and high carbohydrate foods.  I’ve done that, but was still having problems getting the BG level down below 100.  

My naturopath discovered that my thyroid is barely functioning, and she says that affects “everything else”.  I have a limited desire to know what my body chemistry is doing – medical expertise is something I’ve gone to some trouble to avoid.  I feel everything I can’t see (blood, heart, lungs, etc.) should just stay where they are and do their job, thank you very much.  My job is to do my best to exercise (I’m good at that), and eat right, and my insides should to their job.

Unfortunately, no one told my thyroid this, and it is falling down on the job.  So, I’m taking supplements, and they seem to be helping a great deal.  If anyone wants to know what I’m taking, email me or comment on my blog and I’ll get the info to you.  Personally, I’m afraid of drugs, as they mostly are made in China, and the quality control seems to be non-existant.  One of the drugs used to treat diabetes type II was found to be killing people. 

I always have felt that if one can control a health issue by any natural means, such as changing diet and exercise, they have a responsibility to try, no matter how hard it might be.

The following quotes from Mercola.com discuss the problem with one popular diabetes medication:

“Hundreds of people taking Avandia, a controversial diabetes medicine, needlessly suffer heart attacks and heart failure each month.

“Confidential government reports say that about 500 heart attacks and 300 cases of heart failure would be averted every month if patients switched away from Avandia.

“One report, by Dr. David Graham and Dr. Kate Gelperin of the FDA, argued that Avandia should be withdrawn from the market.”

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