So, tonight I’m doing my 3rd archery practise session.  Last week I kind of overdid it, so when I got up the next morning, I bent over and a muscle gave in my back.  It hurt, but not too much, for about 3 days.  I’ve had lots worse.

Woman shooting recurve bow

Woman shooting recurve bow

Tonight, I’ll keep the practise to 45 minutes, instead of a full hour, and take a muscle relaxant when I go to bed to keep from tightening up during the night.  I don’t want to miss several more days at the gym while my back recovers.

I’m still shooting at 10 yards – I figure when I can hit the paper target with all six arrows, repeatedly, then I will go back to the 20 yard line. I’m wondering if I should get one of those sights you can attach to the bow.  It seems like it would help a lot.  The problem with aiming as I see it now, is there is no definite point to aim for with my bow.  It’s a pretty large area that I try to sight with. 

So I’m looking forward to this evening!  So far I’ve had the whole archery shooting place to myself.  That kind of means the owners and their grandson sit in the back and watch me, which kinda makes me a little nervous, which does not improve my aim.  But they’re real nice people, so its not too bad.

So, there you are.  One of the things I have wanted to do for many years, and I finally just decided “Today is the day, I’m going to do this.”  And I am!

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