Wild things

Nature at its most natural!

First off, I cannot hear the traffic on I-5.  I’m 3 miles or so from the “freeway”.  We used to call it that because you didn’t have to stop – no lights or stop signs. Have you noticed no one calls it that anymore?  Because of all the stop-and-go traffic due to too many cars out all at the same time.

Anyway, I love living in my “small town”, though the population is around 67,171 – I wonder how they came up with that number?  So, if I moved away, would they change the population to 67, 170?  It seems small to me.  Wherever you go, you are likely to run into someone you know.  To me, that is the definition of small.

Anywho, check out this photo of local flotsam and jetsam:

old tractor - front

Old tractor - front view

This is junk, I suppose, but it is artistic in a way.  I trained to be an artist many years ago and decided I was way to shy at the time to make a living at it.  But I still see things with an artist’s eye, and I plan on starting back with my painting this summer.  I’ve set up a little studio in my basement, and I’m gathering supplies and photos of things to paint!

Old tractor - side view

Old tractor - side view

So, there you go.  Some of the “junk” people leave out is really very interesting from an artistic view.  I haven’t really seen yards with real junk – people tend to keep their area either clean, or they put out old tractor wheels or antique farm equipment that no longer works, because it looks interesting.

Moss on rock

Moss on rock - yes it rains here a lot

So there you go. I love the moss-covered rocks and trees, and foggy, misty days. 

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