So, I live in the Pacific Northwest; we get rain about 300 days out of the year – or if not actual rain, then clouds.  Imagine living in a cave for 8 months of the year; that would about get you the “feel” of our weather.  You have to love all forms of rain and clouds to appreciate our weather. 

Clouds & rain, clouds & rain

Clouds & rain, clouds & rain, clouds & rain, yawn

One of the problems of this climate is I keep getting tested with REALLY low vitamin D levels.  I ask you, how am I supposed to expose myself to the sun?  I’m either in an office all day (and its dark 6 months of the year when I go to work and when I go home), or its overcast. 

So anyway, the forecast for this week was rain, every day, all day.  Really, what a surprise.  I could do our weather forecasts in my sleep. In fact I bet they do.  So I head off for work today and guess what?  Totally blue sky.  Very pretty, I might add.  Immediately I search for my very expensive prescription sunglasses.

Sunglasses are cool

Sunglasses are cool

You know what else they say about our area – we buy the most sunglasses of any place.  You might wonder why, when we get so little sun.  I figured out the obvious answer to this conundrum many years ago.  It is cloudy and dark so long that we forget where we put the sunglasses. Then when the sun does come out, we have to go buy a new pair.

Oh my god! Look, its the sun!

Oh my god! Look, its the sun, where's my shorts!

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