Smashed glasses

Smashed glasses

I was so upset on Saturday and confused.  It was sunny here, which hadn’t happened for a long time.  So I was excited – sun!  I always keep my sunglasses where I can find them, as they are kind of expensive prescription glasses.  So I get in my car and the outing started out nicely. 

Sunglasses were in their case, right where I always keep them. No problem.  I put them on and go happily motoring down the road to pick up my 87 year old mom for the day.  I do a few errands, spend an hour at the gym and get to my moms around 10:00. 

I pick her up; we go off on her errands.  Still, all is ok.  Then, the shtf, as they say.  I try to switch glasses, and my regular glasses are all twisted and bent!  I can’t get them on, its so bad!  I had no recollection of leaving them on the passenger seat, or dropping anything on them, or god forbid, sitting on them.  In fact, I’m sure none of these things happened! 

I tried bending them a little, but hey, they were twisted in every way that it is possible to twist wire frame glasses.  I’m surprised the lenses weren’t broken or popped out. I can’t read anymore without the glasses, so I had to put them on, which was embarrasing. They sat on my nose with one side riding way up high and the other side squished low.  I could barely read, as the bifocal lense was not where it should be, and I’m sure I looked like a crazy lady, which gets easier to get that “look”, the older you get.

I had to get new frames, which cost a hundred dollars.  I still don’t know what happened.  I suspect a gremlin or some such grabbed them and just twisted the heck out of them.  Probably the same one that spririted away my favorite jacket from my closet.