Money, can you survive without it?

Be resourceful and creative to get what you need

So, as I’ve written before, I can’t get an engineering job in this economy. Unfortunately, HVAC engineering is too tied to the construction industry.  Much of the remodeling can be done by design-build firms or remodeling contractors who do not need engineering plans to relocate or size a heat pump or furnace.

I have spent a good deal of time feeling very irritated that in my entire life I have never recieved any advice from an experience person on anything.  I could have used career advice when I was in high school, in the 60’s, but all I got was the generic advice all girls got back then – you can be a teacher, a nurse or a secretary. 

In the 1980’s when I went back to college, the “advice” I was given is “Here is the college catalog, study it and tell us what you want to do.”  So I did my best.  I researched careers and tried to find one that would still have jobs when the economy was bad.  You can see how well I did with that.  I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering, and did not really know until my last year what to specialize in.  Everyone said it was a great degree to get. 

So now I’m working in an office for $12 an hour.  I like the people I work with, but I did not kill myself off for 6 years as a single parent in college to get a job any high school graduate could do.  Also, $12 an hour does not go very far in 2011.  The price of gas in my area is now $3.50/gallon.  To fill up my tank I have to work 3 hours.

A friend introduced me to a company that provides phone, internet and TV services for a lower rate than most are currently paying.  I signed up for the services myself to save money on my monthly bills, and if you are interested in either getting these services at a lower price than you are paying now or would like to look into being a representative for this company and supplementing your income, feel free to shoot me an email or post a comment. 

The income works as a residual – whenever someone signs up you recieve a percentage of income from what they pay on their bills. 

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We all need to find ways to come up with some cash to get by these days.