Testing for blood glucose

Testing for blood glucose

So, I’ve been optimistic, until now, about my chances to avoid type II diabetes by proper nutrition and exercise.  Maybe I started too late.  I have read that once insulin resistance starts, it will progress rapidly, rather than the slow progression I was envisioning. 

My Naturopath is working on a contributing factor – poor thyroid function.  As I understand it, the thyroid produces a hormone that regulates what most of our organs do.  I know I’m really tired, and the thyroid regulates metabolism, which is why I’m so tired, apparently.  Well, that and the blood cells aren’t absorbing the glucose they need to work properly.  The glucose just floats around in my bloodstream, not doing me any good.

There is a connection between poorly operating thyroid and type 2 diabetes, and I’m not clear on what it is.  Here is a list of articles I read on this topic:





So, at the moment, I’m kinda down, as I had very few carbohydrates and no sugar at all yesterday, and at my 12 hour fasting test, (the one I did at home before going to the lab), I got 106 for my blood glucose level.  I have had several days in the last couple weeks when it recorded at 81 after my 8 hour nighttime fast.  After reviewing what I ate the day before, I don’t see why one day it is up and the next day it is down. Hope the doc has some ideas when I see her next.

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