Snowy rock

Snowy rock

So there ya go! Yes, we have had more snow.  And no, not like you northeaserners.  Our snow is civilized and pleasant.  3″ at my house, and I live at 450 feet, so I got more than other places.

The really unusual thing for here is, the temp got down to the teens – it was just 15 degrees (F) this morning and the max today is supposed to be 22 F.  That’s cold.  It was very windy yesterday too, so the temp was in the low 20’s and the wind was doing about 10-15 mph, so it was COLD.  Besides, we usually have to drive up to Mt. Baker for this kind of weather.

Base of big Douglas Fir in my backyard

Snowy tree roots

So, both my cars were really low on gas, of course, when the snow and ice hit.  So since I am so susceptible to hypothermia, I dressed up as though I was going to take an Arctic trek; wool socks, boots, long underwear, hiking pants, down vest, winter coat, gloves and knit hat.  I drove to the gas station – and the freakin’ gas is now $3.65 around here, so I went to the cheapest station in town to get $3.25 a gallon gas.  I get out of the car and the wind is howling through the gas pumps and the wind chill must be down around 15.

I fill up, run inside and pay, and then jump back in my car and crank up the heater full blast!  My fingers had already turned white and numb – even with my gloves on.  Have I said I don’t do well in the cold?  It’s really creepy when you look at your fingers, and some of them are pink and healthy looking, and others are a yellowish-white and totally numb.  Thats from just 6 minutes in the cold, with gloves on. 

That is why I gave up glacier climbing.

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