Quinault Rain Forest

I would end the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. I would close at least half of our bases overseas, and bring our soldiers home. I would run an audit of Pentagon spending, and cut wasteful spending on high tech weapons that are of little or no use. I would demobilize half of our nuclear weapons. I would use saved money to do thousands of business start ups in every state to build local solar and wind power. I would re-fund Planned Parenthood. I would start a program to check every bridge in the United States and have them repaired or replaced to make them safe. I would fund every public school in America and reduce class sizes to no more than 30 students per class. I would get rid of those black box voting machines and make all elections have to have a paper trail. I would make it a law that running for elections could not last more than 3 months, for any political office. I would legalize marijuana and some other drugs and set up treatment programs instead of putting people in jail. I would put high import taxes on things manufactured overseas and imported, so that American factories could compete with workers overseas who make $5 a day.

There is more, but I'll stop there.

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