Eat your vegetables

Eat your vegetables

So, I’ve been extremely detailed into the minutia of what I eat, when I eat it, and what is in it.  I know, I’m supposed to have started doing this last September, but I thought I was doing enough.  Turns out I was wrong.  Sighhhh . . .

So, now that I’ve been writing EVERYTHING down, and sitting there with a carbohydrate book listing every food ever made, I am enumerating every last little bugger of a carb, and just for kicks, the calories too.  The calorie thing is just for me.

Bathroom scale - the monster

Bathroom scale - the monster tamed

Ever since I had my first baby (1982), I’ve wanted to lose 5 lbs.  In spite of all my activity at the gym, bicycling and hiking, I never could. I wonder sometimes if it was my malfunctioning thyroid that was at fault, but I’m not sure it is working properly yet, so hard to say.  Anyway, so I pay some attention to calories with the vague idea that someday magically, I’ll lose that 5 lbs. 

So, I seem to have done that, just this last week.  Along with getting my blood glucose down to 91.  It’s been at 91 for 3 mornings now, so I’m very happy about that.  Not to mention, that my weight has dropped that 5 lbs, and it has stayed there for about a week now.  Amazing, and totally cool. 

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