Kathmandu , Nepal , Himalayas ,Everest

I'm too poor to travel very far. I've been to the East coast to visit my son and grandaughter – I guess that's about 3,000 miles. Since I was a kid I wanted to hike the Himalaya's but I'm 60 and I can see that getting a college education and training as a mechanical engineer isn't enough to have the money to travel that far, so that won't happen in this life. I also wanted to travel to Switzerland and ride their trains through the Alps, and go hut-to-hut hiking, but thats not going to happen for the same reason.

Do I sound somewhat bitter? Then your perception would be correct. It's not so bad though. I can see that many do not make it to my age, and of those that do, many of these are not healthy enough to do the things I can still do – hiking, bicycling, sailing, running. So I try not to think very much about what I cannot do (travel), and just enjoy the things I can do.

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