Leonard Nimoy as Spock science officer with tricorder, beads and wire, sculpture by Devorah Sperber, Spock, Kirk and McCoy: Beaming-In (In-Between), Microsoft, Studio D, Redmond, Washington, USA

Ummm . . . . I don't know what game shows are currently on. I never watched them, even as a kid. I really don't know why, I just don't like them. Maybe its all that excitement and enthusiasm over stuff. I have often annoyed people because I live on a very stable, level emotional plane. It seems that most people like to get extremely excitable and hyper on a regular basis, while I find this trait annoying.

I'll tell you a secret – my favorite character on TV, the person I wished I could be, was Spock on Start Trek. All logic and no emotion. Sounded good to me at the time, and I guess I'm not too far from that now.

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