Typical compound bow

Typical compound bow

Yesterday after work I went for my weekly archery practise.  It was great.  This time there were a couple of guys there, shooting at 20 yard targets with compound bows. I could see that the arrows went straight like a bullet, with no discernable arch to the flight path.  Very accurate. 

I am still shooting at my 10 yard target, and I’m getting more accurate with my recurve bow.  I was a little worried this time, when the owner pulled out a mobile target and set it up 10 yards from the shooting line. When no one else is there, I stand at the 10 yard line from the end wall, and if I totally miss the target, my arrow goes into the wood wall, which happend a couple of times.

I could just see my arrow missing the entire target and skidding across the concrete floor with a loud skreeching sound in front of a bunch of guys.

Well, it didn’t happen!  I was able to get all my arrows in the target, and 11 out of 12 were on the paper target.  I was happy with that.

Recurve bow
Recurve bow

So, the bow with the red hand grip is a typical recurve bow – fancier than mine, but basically the same. I suspect the attachments are sights and an arrow holder.

One of the things I’m working on is strengthening  the muscles used in pulling back the arrow and being able to hold it while I aim and then to shoot without wobbling.

That will increase my accuracy a lot! 

So, that’s it for now with the archery thing.

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