Lake Padden Trail

Lake Padden Trail

So, Sunday I decided I just had to do my work out outside.  One can only spend so much time in a gym.  I had to go out and breath unconditioned, unfiltered air.  I’m not a big fan of running for older people, as I feel it is hard on the joints – however, that is what I did on Sunday.  I’m allowed to be inconsistant, right?

Lake Padden

Lake Padden, from the south end

So, I didn’t know how I would do, I might end up walking the 2.6 miles around the lake.  I haven’t run for over a year, and I don’t have much energy right now, as my doctor is fiddling with my thyroid supplement dose, and the amount of carbs I can eat is kinda low, to keep my blood sugar level under 100.  I’ve been told I can eat more when I’m going to work out, but many years ago when I really ran for workouts, I couldn’t eat before working out or I’d get a side-ache. 

So I left home in time to start running at 8:00 on Sunday.  Not many people around at that time – perfect.  I always feel kinda embarrased when dressed in my very cool running togs and I’m walking.  I imagine what the others I pass are thinking: “Old people, what do they think they are proving?” 

It was perfect.  It was cool – a light sheen of ice on the shady parts of the lake, and fog here and there.  Beautiful. No wind and the sun was already burning off the fog.

So, I ran around the lake, slowing to a walk when out of breath.  I was taking it easy on myself, as I didn’t want to be miserable, and I figure that in a few weeks my energy level will be up, as we figure out how much thyroid supplements I need. I was satisfied with my time – 35 minutes, 4.5 mph.  Ok, so that’s not so fast – it’ll get faster, believe me.

map of the trails around lake padden

Lake Padden trails map

I love maps – I can see exactly where I’ve been and how far I went! So I included this map in case any of you out there are into maps.  I’m thinking next Sunday I’ll go around the lake twice, since it’s only 2.6 miles – that would make it just about 5 miles.  Yes, I can add, but do you want me to count the distances I walked instead of running?

Where is my hamster wheel?