What have we become?

Is anyone else following what is happening in Wisconsin and Michigan? I just heard this morning that the governor of Michigan passed a law that gives him the right to remove state senators and turn the government over to corporations.

The article on Michigan is located at http://www.dailytribune.com/articles/2011/03/10/news/doc4d78d0d4d764d009636769.txt

Sorry, WordPress would not allow me to link to anything today.  You can click on the pasted link above. Basically the article states that the Michigan Senate passed a bill called an Emergency Managers Bill  that empowers the governor to remove elected officials and appoint an Emergency Management Financer (EMF) to run a local municipality.


I have not been able to link to or upload any photos either, so check out the above location for lots of photos of the Madison, Wisconsin demonstrations.

They would have the power to “put millage increases on the ballot, lay off employees, slash services and merge the city or school district with a neighboring government entity.”

“An EMF would be appointed by the governor – in conjunction with the state school superintendent in the case of ailing school districts.”

“Bieda said he’s disturbed that the Legislature is willing to put so much power in one person’s hands, someone who is not from the community and not elected by the people.”

“”I am very concerned for the powers this legislation would transfer to an emergency manager. Removing elected officials and overturning local ordinances shows no respect for the will or the rights of the voters. This draconian measure gives authority to an individual with no responsiblity to the citizens of the community.” Bieda said in a statement.”

I guess attracting new businesses and using some of our tax money to provide affordable health care just didn’t occur to them. Yeah, tough love, that’s what the lazy “nanny state” bastards need. (I hope you can recogize sarcasm when you read it.)

As for Wisconsin, it seems the Republicans passed that law 70% of the citizens have been protesting about for WEEKS. They did it by removing the portions referring to the budget, if I understood the report I heard this morning, so they say they did not need a quorum to vote on it.  The democractic senators are still out of state, trying to prevent the vote by their absence. 

Democracy Now! has an excellent report on both of these issues. http://www.democracynow.org/.  Sorry, WordPress still will not allow me to link to anything, so I’m embedding the website here.

I am reminded over and over again of the Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Can a corporation run a city or a state better than a democratically elected representative? Maybe we will find out . . . things are going “bump” in the night. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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