Geese along my route

Geese sighted during my ride home

Ok, so I’m not great with cameras. But I saw lots of birds, ducks of various species and geese during my 17 mile ride from the auto repair shop to my house.  It’s been raining a lot here for months, and so the farmers fields are holding lots of shallow ponds of various sizes and the ditches were full of water.  It seemed like every pond I passed held a flock of ducks and as I whizzed past on my bicycle they would all take flight. 

I wanted to photograph them as they took off, but that was impossible.  There is something beautiful in the simultaneous leap into the air of a flock and they always swoop around in a curve as they gain altitude. Beautiful.

Geese in winter corn field

Geese in winter corn field

The colors of winter here in the county tend to be brown and yellow, with some green. There is a lot of corn grown here, as well as hay type crops for the cows, and LOTS of berry fields – raspberries, huckleberries, and blueberries. Nobody grows blackberries here intentionally, they grow everywhere you don’t pull them out.

I’m thinking of picking blackberries next summer and trying to preserve them by drying. They are very sweet and I just thought it would be fun.

7 miles from auto shop

7 miles from auto shop

Well, I was going to do a 1 hour workout on Sunday anyway, so when my car’s mounting list of mechanical problems meant I had to take it to my favorite mechanic, who is 17 miles from my house, I thought no problemo – I’ll just bring my bicycle and ride it back. I have done this many times before. In the summer, its lots of fun.

The problem this time is, my issues with thyroid and the constrictive diet I am on to keep my blood glucose level down, saps my energy.  Normally, I would have made this bike ride in 1 hour. Sunday it took me 1-3/4 hours. Kind of embarrassing, if anyone else knew. Don’t tell anyone.

It’s Wednesday today, and I haven’t heard from the mechanic – I hope the car isn’t dead, that would make me really unhappy, as I can’t afford to replace it, and my truck only gets 20 miles to the gallon of gas. The little Ford Escort is an excellent little car – I can cram my bicycle inside it and lock it up – so I don’t have to worry about it when I park it at a grocery store or wherever.

Well, here’s hoping we don’t all die of cancer from the Japanese nuclear plant meltdown.

Can you say “I like wind generators more than nuclear plants?”

The hamster is shivering in her boots and trying not to think about it too much.