My drive to work

What I see on my drive to work

I know, this is not a spectacular sunrise – but it is beautiful. Every sunrise is. The clouds add interest to the sky and the colors are muted, but still dramatic.

Early leaves sprouting

Early leaves sprouting

Most of the trees around here are evergreen – Douglas Firs, Hemlock and Cedars – but where land has been logged (which is more than I would like), scrubby deciduous types sprout up. This is an early sprouting type, which is a nice sign that spring is definitely on the way.

Moss and brown fall leaves

Moss and leaves

With all the rain and clouds around here, anything that is left alone becomes covered with moss. I love the moss. It stays green even during a few dry months in the summer. Rocks, stumps, and lawns become moss covered here, and creates a soft carpet of green.

Hang in there,

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