Uutela by full moon II

Many years ago I was backbacking in the Cascades, and I got up at night to use the backwoods facilities. I took my flashlight with me, of course, but when I crawled out of my warm sleeping bag and finally got the tent unzipped, I could see just fine without the flashlight. There was a full moon and almost no clouds. Everything around me was in shades of grey, and it seemed to me that there was a slight grey/green tint, but that might have just been my awareness that everything around me WAS green, at least in the daylight.

The other awesome thing I saw in the night sky was at the ocean beach. One night I went for a walk after the sun was down and the sky was so full of stars, it looked almost like clouds. I've never seen it like that since, I've often wondered if the atmosphere was especially clear that night, or if it had to do with the position of the earth in relation to the stars.

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