Frost and early morning sun
Frost and early morning sun

So I was wondering what to write about this morning, and couldn’t decide between writing about my new book club, or the pictures I took on the way to work. So I’m combining the two – which probably does not make any sense.

So here goes: On my drive to work the sun was out full force – no clouds at all, and of course, I was driving straight into it for several miles. It was just over the horizon and blazing straight into my eyes, oofffda! Thank god for those visor things.

Early morning frost on old wood fence

Early morning frost

It must have been around freezing last night and it looks like it may get into the 50’s (F) today, for the first time. Very nice.


Proof - I read books; now if I could only remember what I read . . .

Book club: Well, who knows, maybe no one will show up. I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to start my own book group, since none of the ones I’ve tried worked for me. Either they were on the weekend, which time I prefer to spend outside, with the sky over my head doing some biking, hiking, running or whatever, or they read awful books that I could just not get into.

I have a serious fear of rejection, so it took me several YEARS to get up the nerve to try this. You know the expression, “Don’t try this at home”?, well, I’ve taken the dive and we will see what happens. So far only 2 people responded to my announcement, and one has cancelled before the first meeting, which is tonight. The other has not responded to my reminder email, so I don’t know if she will show up or not.

Oh well, I keep telling myself I can handle the lack of applause for my heroic bookwormish socializing efforts, if no one shows up, I’ll lick my wounds for a few months and try again. How’s that for guts?

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