I have friends who tell me squirrels are rats with furry tails. I am horrified at that description. I love squirrels. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want one to take up residence in my attic, nor do I feed them by hand. I like them to be wild, but friendly.

Squirrel and cat

Squirrel on deck

A couple times a week I put peanuts out on the deck to bring the squirrels around. I call it cat TV.  I am always amazed at the intelligence of the squirrels – they seem to know that the cats can’t get at them through glass doors.

I wonder what would happen if one day I left the glass door open – would the squirrel realize he wasn’t safe that day? I don’t want to find out. Squirrel carnage on my deck would be very upsetting and I just wouldn’t feel the same about my cats if that happened.

On a camping trip years ago, my family had lunch and then went for a walk. When we came back there was a squirrel on the wood campsite table, with his head and most of his body inside an empty can of peaches.  All we could see was his furry behind sticking out and his little rear claws firmly attached to the top rim of the can.

Bird feed thief

Bird feed thief

This photo reminds me of my parents bird feeder. They had it hanging off the eaves of the house, right by the dining room window. They liked to watch the birds, but what happened was the neighborhood squirrel would come around and eat the bird seed – he would hang upside down and stuff himself. Dad tried everything he could think of, and that squirrel would find a way to get to the bird feeder. I think the ongoing battle between dad and the squirrel entertained both of them!

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