angry, frustrated woman

angry, frustrated woman

I foolishly thought that I could do my own taxes this year. I imagined that I would save money by not paying a tax person, and I would find all these great tax savings. Well, I have worked off and on for a month on this insane piece of crap they call a tax form and I surrender. I wrote a letter to my tax accountant person today, and I’m off to drop the stuff at her office today.

I give up, I surrender; take my money, take everything I have, including my sanity, my firstborn son, you win.

Tax forms add insult to injury; first they take our money, then they put us through hell trying to fill out a form created by satan himself.  At this point I have so many summaries, profit and loss statements, capital gain/loss thingys, and I have very little income. But I do have several teeny mutual funds, ira’s and lots of dental expenses that I would like to include to reduce my tax bill, if possible.

Don’t get me wrong; I do not have any money. I have enough retirement funds and savings to last me about 3 months if I quit working. Nevertheless, they show up on several forms somewhere in the tax stuff, and god forgive me, because the IRS won’t, if I make a subtraction error somewhere.

What is that old saying? Nothing is certain except death and taxes. 

Great. Tell that to your cute little 3 year old – guess what you get to do when you grow up, Tiffany?

The hamster is going fishing.