How helpful do you think strangers are?

a blind man

Many years ago I was waiting for the bus at a downtown bus stop in Seattle. Across the street was a building that was inset at the corner, and had several columns in the sidewalk. Every day, at the same time I waited for my bus, there was a blind man who would cross the street and walk past the columns.

One day he got confused and wandered back and forth, lost in the columns. I was just a teenager, and there was a bunch of adults waiting for the bus with me. I watched the blind guy for awhile, thinking one of the adults would go to help him. No one did. Finally, I got my courage and crossed the street and took the guys arm and told him where he was and pointed him in the right direction.

I have often thought of that event, and been cynical ever since about the general "helpfulness" of strangers.

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