I had my first experience fly fishing on Saturday. It was really lots of fun, but next time I hope it’s warmer! We sat in a little cabin by the pond and learned how to tie knots and learned about all the lines attached to our poles.

I thought there was just one line and you tied the cute little fake fly thing on the end. Nothing is ever simple, my friends. There are about 3 kinds of line on that pole.

Fly fishing nirvana

Fly fishing nirvana

One really cool knot

One really cool knot - I was good at this one!

I started to feel at one point, that I really just wanted to go out and fling my fishing rod back and forth, looking very cool doing it, and catch fish. Huh. We had fun, but it took work, to start with. And for those of us, such as myself, who have very cold hands to start with, it can take a lot of gritting of teeth and grim determination to stick with it, when your hands are going numb.

One of the guys had some neat fingerless gloves. I’m getting myself a pair of those. Since my hands are so freaking cold (they are freezing right now, and I’m inside, typing on my keyboard and the thermometer says its about 72), I always go more for mittens than gloves, and fingerless seemed kind of pointless – until now.

I really will be going fishing on my backpacking trips this summer to the high lakes, so I’m getting the finglerless gloves – whatever it takes!

There were 3 women and 5 guys at the class. Surprisingly, I was not the oldest – something you start to notice when you are over 50 – everyone seems to get younger and younger every year. Maybe the ones my age keep dropping out of the fun outdoors stuff. Anyway, I’ve signed up for the 2-hour casting class in a couple of weeks. That’ll be lots of fun.

Maybe the sun will even come out! It could happen – really, it’s possible.