Splurging and nuclear reactor meltdowns.

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Damage (38RTR2JT1T)

I don't splurge shop. Well, not in the way you are thinking. Sometimes I get on the internet and buy 4 or 5 used books – that seems like splurging to me. I keep controlling myself because I really want to buy a geiger counter, but they are very expensive – around $400, and besides, everyone on the friggin' planet is buying them and most suppliers won't even take orders anymore. Those that will say it will be 3 or 4 months before they send you the geiger counter. By then, I suppose it will be either too late, we'll all be radiated to a crisp, or people will be deciding they don't need them and will be selling them cheap on Ebay.

I'm sorry, did I answer the question? I get sidetracked . . . those 4 nuclear reactor meltdowns are freaking me out. Those, plus all the 40 year old ones we have in America, in addition to the idiots who are planning to build more. Why don't they just turn off the damn lights? People lived for many thousands of years without ANY electricity, we can surely cut down. Sorry, there I go again.

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