I don’t know what is up with the road kill tally around here – maybe someone has been picking it up as soon as it happens, but I have only seen 3 smashed wildlife this week. One unidentifiable about the size of a opossum, 1 squirrel and one mouse.

Really flat roadkill

Really flat roadkill

In California there is a group that tally’s the road kill – species and numbers thereof. The article is titled “Volunteers Working To Track State’s Roadkill.” It is California’s answer to the excessive roadkill of wildlife.

“OAKLAND, Calif. — Roadkill is the leading cause of death for many common animals, with thousands of creatures killed in the Bay Area alone every day. Some experts say the attrition rate on California roadways is pushing some animals toward extinction.

“Every quarter mile to a half mile you see a dead animal,” said UC Davis Professor of Environmental Science and Policy Fraser Shilling. “You can tell it’s a big deal, from a scientific point of view we need to measure that.”  Measuring that highway carnage is retired UC Davis veterinary Professor Ron Ringen.

“I mean now that I look for roadkill, I see roadkill constantly,” said Professor Ringen. “Instead of Doctor Ringen the veterinarian I’m Doctor Roadkill.”

“Ringen and his wife Sara are the most productive volunteers for the year-old California roadkill observation system. KTVU went along for a ride with Ringen as he dodged trucks for science on busy Highway 102 in Yolo County.

“This is an animal we see quite often,” said Ringen after retrieving a dead opossum from the highway. The couple makes an 80-mile loop through rural farmland about twice a month, and logging up to 150 new roadkills each trip.” California roadkill observation system.

In my search for photos for this article – no I don’t stop my car, get out and take pictures of the deceased in the road – I saw a photo of a row of 5 hand made crosses alongside a road. The caption said this family was killed in a car accident at that location.

Remember, road kill is not always of another species. I hate cars myself, but cannot figure out how to get around without one, in this time and place.

Watch where the hell you are going, ok? Get off the cell phone and stop singing to the radio/ cd player. PAY ATTENTION. The next road kill could be you.

Hamster out.