Computer Mess

I was 37 and it was 1987; I had gone back to college. I had never touched one before then. I thought I should learn about computers, so I took a entry level computer class. The two things I remember most about that class was no one would tell me how to turn on the damn thing. I finally found out how – the stupid on/off switch was in the BACK of the thing. Yeah, that makes sense. The 2nd thing was no one told me that the computer had an automatic screen saver that blacked out the screen every so often. So I worked my ass off on some program that I didn't understand, and finally got everything looking like it should.

Then the screen went blank. Of course, I thought I'd lost everything. I still use computers, a lot, but I still hate them. They are evil machines that rob us of our creativity and make us think everything should happen instantly, including diner. . . where is my dinner?

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