So I have a basement that could really use some upgrading. Since I’m poor now, I decided to paint it myself. First, I found some large cupboard doors so I could close up the big hole under the stairs where all my grown kids stuff is stashed.

Basement cupboard doors

Basement cupboard doors

It looks a lot better over in that part of the basement now. On Sunday I finished off painting around 2 of the windows in the basement and the trim around the laundry room door. It really brightens up the room when the trim is all shiny and white instead of the dark wood that so much of the trim in the basement had.  

For 25 years I lived in apartments, and when I was home the only thing I could really do was watch TV or read. I enjoy working on the house and while I don’t really know what I’m doing, I am learning and there is a real feeling of accomplishment. Each time I work on some part of the house I learn something and the next time I do it, it will be better.

I have installed some tile at the foot of the stairs that access the basement. Some idiot thought a light colored carpet was a good idea for an entry from the garage into the basement. It was stained within a week of my moving in – I think people got it dirty when moving my stuff in. I tore it out about a year ago and put in some tile that is the same color as the old carpet, minus the stains. I then threw a small carpet on top of that which I can remove and wash when needed. Have I mentioned that I HATE wall-to-wall carpeting?

The basement looks much better with the half-wall painted a nice warm brownish color – don’t ask, I actually thought it was a lighter color when I bought it, but I suck at figuring out what color paint is in the can. I buy it at the Re-Store in Bellingham, it is left overs from someone else’s project, so I get good quality paint at a cheap price. Now if only I could pay more attention to the color.

You should see my bedroom – I thought I was buying a light-avacado type color, and it turned out to be really dark. Oh well, I painted all the trim a bright white and its ok. I couldn’t really deal with the entire house being painted in flat white, including the doors and trim upstairs when I moved in. That got tiring fairly fast. Now I have a REALLY green bedroom.

While I’m typing this up, there are Robins out my window. I tried to take some photos, but it’s like taking a photo of my cat – as soon as I click the shutter they turn around or fly out of view. So here is someone else’s photo:

Robin's lunch

Robin's lunch

I guess that’s enough topics to cover in one sitting . . .

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